I am a repeat offender @ Hands on Care. The first time I was treated by Saba and her wonderful staff was in 2012 when I injured my right wrist in a car accident and I am back again because of tendonitis in my left tricep.  Saba is a great therapist and a tough one too. Don’t expect to be coddled by her she is there to GIVE YOU THERAPY to make sure you are healing and are able to function normal again not to baby you. I believe that is why I healed so quickly in my first injury. She is currently giving me therapy for my second injury and I am on my way to healing completely.

If you want temporary relief go to some shady massage place, but if you want GENUINE THERAPY that’s going to get you back where you were before I recommend hands down Hands On Care. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes after my appointment time and this was primarily because another patient was late for their appointment.

Please don’t listen to these whiners giving Hands On Care a bad review. I strongly disagree with the comments of Kristina C A.B. I have been to this office for therapy twice and have never experienced anything but great care.  I think A.B. is the person that wants to be coddled. A.B. if you want privacy perhaps you can hire someone to come to your home and give you therapy.

Nena m.