Saba Kamal

Director of Hands On Care

Saba is a Certified Hand Therapist and was the American Society of Hand Therapists – California Chapter President for 2010 & 2011 and recipient of 2010 and 2011 National Chapter awards. She now serves as the Annual Program Chair for the Hand Therapy Association of California conferences.

She is a member of American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists. ASSET is a group of multidisciplinary professionals in the area of shoulder and elbow rehabilitation who place a high value on efficacious exemplary patient care. The membership criterion reflects the expectation of the highest quality research, scholarship and patient care. ASSET membership is by invitation only.

She is also a member of American Association of Hand Surgery (AAHS) She was invited to a round table discussion of Emerging practices in Dupuytrens Disease and has written an article for them on this topic and on Management of Dystonia via Taping. She will be giving at talk at the 2018 AAHS conference in Arizona on Neuropathic Pain

She is the Partner/Principal of Advanced Rehab Seminars, providing specialized continuing education for the Upper Extremity to therapists all over United States of America and Overseas. All the courses taught are from Shoulder to Hand

The talks include

  • Manual medicine for the upper quadrant- taking it to the next level, includes joint and soft tissue mobilization
  • Sports medicine for the upper quadrant – with splinting and taping
  • Paradigm of differential diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of the upper quadrant nerve & orthopedic systems
  • Comprehensive management of the post-surgical arm
  • Comparative taping Leuko and Kinesio for the Upper Quadrant
  • Management of the Stiff Arm
  • Neural Mobilization of the Upper Quadrant, with Myofascial Mobilization

Saba was the Past President California Chapter of ASHT now Hand Therapy Association of CA
She continues to serve as the Program Chair for ASHT-Ca Chapter Conferences 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018

She served on the conference committee for ASSET’s national conference 2016. She presented on on Elbow contracture: The broken Kinetic Chain in the Upper Quadrant

Conferences organized and talks given at (Conference Chair) From 2011 to 2018 listed below:

  • 1st: Collaborative approach to flexor tendon management
  • 2nd: Elbow – The unforgiving joint: Surgical and therapeutic management
  • 3rd: Keys to the Wrist and the Hand
  • 4th All about nerves
  • 5th The Traumatic Arm
  • 6th Dorsal Dynamics
  • 7th Future of Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery and Therapy
  • 8th Reasoning Made Critical
Her poster presentation include:

  • Velcro-less splint design for 1st CMC joint arthritis
  • Wide buddy loop for the treatment of RCL injury to the Index finger
  • Lateral Epicondylitis Vs. Radial Tunnel – Total Management

Articles written include:

She has treated players from various sports teams: Texas Rangers, Washington Nationals, San Jose Sharks, San Jose Giants. Tennis players, JP Fruttero, BMX rider R. Nyquist etc.

Current Research: Currently seeking candidates for study

  • Scapho-Lunate Instability

Previous research: Medial Elbow Pain: A Result of Shoulder Weakness in Tennis

This research was conducted in conjunction with University of Kentucky health sciences (Kibler’s group)

Ms. Kamal has given several talks at ASHT conference and IFSHT, and taught courses in Italy and India to various groups. For a list of her talk, please contact us at 408-268-8536

Community Service:

Saba Kamal giving a talk on Arthritis