Elbow Exercises:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Stiff elbow
  • Cubital tunnel


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Keeping the arm relaxed elbow straight, shoulder relaxed, bend the wrist and fingers with the other hand Keeping the shoulder depressed, extend the arm backwards, elbow straight, turn the palm out (getting bribe position), lift the wrist up and then curl the fingers. You will feel the stretch in the muscle on the forearm. Eccentric Wrist strengthening
Keep the counterforce brace on when exercising. If it takes you 2 counts to go up it should take 4 counts to come down.
Start with 1lb x 10 reps then go to 20 reps then to 30
Once able to perform 30 reps without discomfort go to 2lbs x 10 reps and then continue upto 4lbs. Raise wrist up to neutral position and then slowly lower it down
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Eccentric elbow curls
Keeping the wrist straight hold 1lbs bend the elbow to 90 deg with the other hand
and then slowly lower the elbow.
Always wear the counterforce brace when performing exercises.
  Ice massage 3x day on the area of discomfort until it goes numb. Once it goes numb (3-4 mins) stop. Ice hurts first then goes numb.
Depending on the severity your therapist may provide you with a counterforce brace or/and wrist splint
Counterforce brace is to be worn at all waking hour, make a fist then tighten the splint at the upper forearm 1 finger space below the elbow joint line. This prevents constriction of blood flow yet at the same time prevents the brace from sliding down.
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Once pain reduces and flexibility improves start with shoulder strengthening to improve posture
It is important to strengthen the shoulder to avoid compensatory movements. So in addition to proper lifting techniques and stretching a patient suffering from tennis elbow should also strengthen the shoulder. Avoid repetitive gripping or gripping away from the body as it will increase pain

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Description: https://hocinc.us/new_pa34.gifFor tennis players: Handle size should be measured from the tip of ring finger to the base of the 1st web space



If you play tennis, watch your backhand, increased wrist movements will cause pain in the elbow. Two handed back hand preferred

Description: Mulligan Taping Techniques :: Tennis Elbow
Mulligan Taping Techniques :: Tennis ElbowDescription: taping techniques
taping techniques
Avoiding wrist extensionDescription: Pediatric Kinesio Taping :: Wrist Ext Assist / Buttonhole
Pediatric Kinesio Taping :: Wrist Ext Assist / Buttonhole



Description: https://hocinc.us/new_pa56.jpgIonto patches (medicated patches also help with decreasing inflammation at the elbow) thus helping you to get better faster

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Correct lifting technique
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Correct workstation techniques: elbow 90-100 deg, wrist free falling close to body
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Stiff Elbow
Elbow stiffness resulting from fracture or sprain can be treated with these exercises
This is just a general guideline, please consult your therapist for a customized program
For specific early motion protocol (1-3 days post op) for elbow injuries/Surgeries like Ligament Repair, Radial Head replacement, Biceps Repair, Olecrenon Fractures, Total Elbow replacement, Distal Humerus fracture Etc. Please Click Here 
For early motion protocol prescription Click Here

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stand against a wall towel behind the elbow: bend the straighten the elbow with the other hand and then bend the elbow Elbow by your side: 90 deg at elbow turn palm up with the other hand, and then palm down with the other hand Ball stretching: flexion and extension
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Easy Stretching of the elbow with pulley Isotonic strengthening
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Description: Pitcher's Elbow
Pitcher’s Elbow
Description: Radial head replacement
Radial head replacementDescription: Biceptor: Biceps Tenodesis
Biceptor: Biceps TenodesisDescription: Tommy John Surgery
Tommy John Surgery

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Cubital Tunnel