Latest Modalities

  • Superficial heat and cold therapy
    Learn when to use heat and when to use cold therapy to hasten your recovery.
  • Ultrasound
    Find out how our therapists can use US to either reduce inflammation or help with joint motion and scar tissue management.
  • Electrical stimulation
    Various forms of Electrical Stimulation can be used to reduce pain, decrease inflammation, help with wound healing, improve function etc. Ask our therapists for more information.
  • Iontophoresis
    Ask our therapists for more information on reducing/managing your tendonitis/arthritis symptoms with the use of the mobile patch technology. You could get the treatment for 24 hours with this technology. Iontophoresis delivers cortisone medicine in a patch form to a localized area, so you do not have to take oral medications that go through your entire body to help you. You can target your treatment with the use of this technology. It is better than the cortisone shot, in which the amount of medication is less and over a long duration (slow release) thus prevents the deteriorating effects of the cortisone shot.
    Cold Laser
  • Cold Laser: Instead of using physical agent modality, Cold Laser helps change the cellularity to help with the healing.
  • Phonophoresis: Use of cortisone medicine via ultrasound.
    Game Ready
  • Game Ready: VasoPneumatic pump with Ice compression to help reduce swelling and decrease pain thus accelerate healing.
    Ice Massage
  • Ice massage: Target the area for inflammation/ tendonitis with this modality.
  • Paraffin: Paraffin can be used as an excellent modality to desensitize the scars, help with arthritis, heat up the hand and moisturize the hand. Find out how you can use this modality at home as well.