I began seeing Saba for carpal tunnel-like issues – pain that had extended to my thumb, wrist, forearm and shoulder. I spend a lot of time on the computer and doing intensive work with my hands, and was scared I needed surgery. Saba gave me practical, helpful advice for setting up my work station properly, and adjusting my daily routines so that I will do less damage to my body long-term. She worked diligently on my arms & hands during the weeks I saw her for intensive therapy, and put me on an upper-body strengthening regimen that has changed how I view exercise and taking care of my body. Saba is professional, kind, and made therapy fun. She has a wonderful staff assisting her. I was thrilled to improve, but sad to leave this vibrant office.

Stephanie L.

Wow! What a great team Hands On Care has to help you regain the “ideal” range of motion you had before going there. Saba, with her keen leadership style and ability to handle many tasks at once is second to none. The environment is healing and very open, thus contributes to the recovery process quickly. The staff at Hands On Care is fabulous, friendly and flexible. I would recommend Hands On Care for their effective treatment modalities in a heartbeat! Thanks all for your expertise and patience!

Kathleen C.