“Saba helped me recover my manual dexterity after two separate operations to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome (both hands were affected). I saw her once a week for up to eight weeks. When I told Saba that I wanted to understand the healing and rehabilitation process, she took the time to explain. I learned from Saba what each exercise was meant to improve, the proper techniques for doing the exercises and what I could do at home to help the healing process. I was very impressed by her expert knowledge of hand rehabilitation, ability to put that knowledge into language I could understand and use, her enthusiasm for my improvement, and her understanding that the whole body has to recover. I would highly recommend Saba to anyone who wants to recover and/or improve their manual dexterity.” January 28, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

hired Saba as a Rehabilitation Therapist in 2005 , and hired Saba more than once

Keye Luke

I broke my left wrist so I had surgery and a plate was installed.

I had no practical use of my hand, it hurt constantly, and I was out of work for a year.

My doctor said I should get used to the fact that my hand would never be the same again. A life with constant pain? A life without playing the violin? It depressed the hell out of me.

But then I had the good fortune of going to Hands On Care.

After a long and demanding period of therapy, I now have the full use of my hand.  Once again I can play music. I can take a shower and button my shirt just as before and with no pain.

My case was a tough one and I strongly believe if I had gone to simply a good therapist instead of a great one, I’d still have no use of my hand, or limited use at best. But Saba happened to be a great therapist. She’s probably the best in Northern California.

She is extraordinarily skilled and professional.

I’m convinced that because I went to her instead of somebody else, I can now use my hand again.

Robert W.