My experience with Hands on Care was an extremely satisfying experience.  I had a tendon that was pretty messed-up; frayed in some areas, almost torn in another. Saba and her staff, especially Roni and Rowena, are wonderful to work with.  I was scheduled with both Saba and Roni and they were not only knowledgeable, but great motivators.  They were honest in their assessment of what I needed to do to get through my PT sessions. They also provided information on what I can do on my own time (at home) using basic home items to help myself out. (more…)

Marilyn B.

My surgeon recommended Hands on Care as the only place to go for post-op therapy after he reconstructed what was left of my wrist.  I was originally thinking of finding a therapist closer to home, but he told me that Saba gets results that he sees nowhere else.  I’m glad that I listened and took the longer drive.  I found Saba to be one of those rare outstanding individuals who is completely dedicated to her craft.  I could tell after a short time into the first visit that she is clearly very knowledgable, honest in her assessments and is dedicated to getting the best end result.  Just don’t expect to coast along without putting any work into your recovery!

Aaron L.