I began seeing Saba when I broke 3 fingers on my right hand.  I had extensive pain and swelling.  Saba was great and worked very hard to get my fingers to work again.  Saba is very professional and has a great staff working with her.  Saba is tough but very good at her job.  She gets results.  I improved and my fingers all work like they are supposed to.  I was sad to leave but happy to be better.  That was a year agao now, then in April of this year I broke my wrist and was happy to be going back to therapy with Saba.  I saw her for intensive therapy and yes it hurt but I knew it was getting better.  Saba is funny and very attentive to all of her patients.  I highly recommend Saba and Hands on Care for any therapy you might need related to the upper body.  I miss the bond that I created with Saba and the staff but I know for sure that I received the best care possible withe the great professional team at Hands on Care

Penny N.

I am a repeat offender @ Hands on Care. The first time I was treated by Saba and her wonderful staff was in 2012 when I injured my right wrist in a car accident and I am back again because of tendonitis in my left tricep.  Saba is a great therapist and a tough one too. Don’t expect to be coddled by her she is there to GIVE YOU THERAPY to make sure you are healing and are able to function normal again not to baby you. I believe that is why I healed so quickly in my first injury. She is currently giving me therapy for my second injury and I am on my way to healing completely. (more…)

Nena m.