Hi Saba,

We hope you get this email! We can’t imagine you would have forgotten who Ellese is, she and I thought you might like an update on her wrist! Let’s see…you released her at the end of December. She got back into competition slowly and didn’t compete a full meet (all four events) until mid February. She took her time and continued working out with the personal trainer during that time. Well, it paid off. She ended up qualifying for the Jr. Olympic National Meet in Long Beach were she placed 8th All-Around (vault, bars, beam and floor) in her age group of 56 gymnasts…..there were 450 gymnasts at this meet and she placed 17th or 18th out of the 450! Guess what her best event was? Remember how we believe she hurt herself on that “new” vault? Well the coach went back to doing her “old” vault but upgraded it to a 1-1/2 tuck instead of a tuck full and she placed 4th! Who’d a thought!?!!

We thought you might also like to see her video of that meet. Here is her YouTube link

Most of all we wanted to again thank you for your excellent care and advice! We hope that you are well and that your business continues to thrive!!

Ellese and Julie

I broke my left wrist so I had surgery and a plate was installed.

I had no practical use of my hand, it hurt constantly, and I was out of work for a year.

My doctor said I should get used to the fact that my hand would never be the same again. A life with constant pain? A life without playing the violin? It depressed the hell out of me.

But then I had the good fortune of going to Hands On Care.

After a long and demanding period of therapy, I now have the full use of my hand.  Once again I can play music. I can take a shower and button my shirt just as before and with no pain.

My case was a tough one and I strongly believe if I had gone to simply a good therapist instead of a great one, I’d still have no use of my hand, or limited use at best. But Saba happened to be a great therapist. She’s probably the best in Northern California.

She is extraordinarily skilled and professional.

I’m convinced that because I went to her instead of somebody else, I can now use my hand again.

Robert W.