I’ve been an on and off patient of Hands on Care for about 6 years and I have nothing but praise and appreciation for Saba and the staff. Whenever I managed to hurt my neck, shoulder, or arm I knew I had a  place to fall back on. Saba Kamal is a dedicated and experienced professional; she has treated my injuries on many different occasion. She’s proven to be valuable in my healing process and recovery as well. At one point, my husband and daughter were treated by Saba as well and they were fully satisfied when they were done. All in all, I fully recommend Hands on Care for a treatment and recovery facility.

Ryda N.

If you want to waste time with mamby pamby therapists who don’t push you then don’t come here.  These therapists are tough.  And they care a lot about your getting better as soon as possible.   They also give homework.  Be prepared to laugh during your visit so you want to return.   It’s part of their evil plan – you hurt and laugh before you’re healed.  And you thank them!!! Evil geniuses that’s what they are. 🙂

Caroline P.