I’ve worked with lots of physical therapists over the years and Stella is hands down (no pun intended) the best. Caring, competent and funny. Killer combination. I highly recommend Hands On Care but go to the Camden location if you can, it’s smaller and better organized.

Steve T.

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Hi Saba

I just wanted to send this and tell you

I am very glad that I ended up at your office. It was my request to Dr. McCoy that I see you, I was just glad that I had the connection and could count on you. I was afraid initially that I would worsen if we worked on things, but strangely, my hands feel fine after my visit. I look forward to it now, and just pray this is a temporary flare-up, so I can get back to the medical work I love.  I hope I can avoid surgery.

Thank You Saba for being my guide. I am so eager to move past this. !!

Debra G

Debra G