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Hi Saba

I just wanted to send this and tell you

I am very glad that I ended up at your office. It was my request to Dr. McCoy that I see you, I was just glad that I had the connection and could count on you. I was afraid initially that I would worsen if we worked on things, but strangely, my hands feel fine after my visit. I look forward to it now, and just pray this is a temporary flare-up, so I can get back to the medical work I love.  I hope I can avoid surgery.

Thank You Saba for being my guide. I am so eager to move past this. !!

Debra G

Debra G

Looking back to the day that I fell…September 13, 2012, to where I am now…3 years later, it makes me become very emotional! Not in a bad way, but in a very good way, because I know that I owe the use of my dominant right hand, fingers, arm, elbow replacement, and shoulder not only to my very skilled surgeon, Dr. Edward Damore, but also to all of the therapists who feverishly worked hard to help me to regain the rotation and movement that I currently have today. (more…)

Kathy K.