I’ve been an on and off patient of Hands on Care for about 6 years and I have nothing but praise and appreciation for Saba and the staff. Whenever I managed to hurt my neck, shoulder, or arm I knew I had a  place to fall back on. Saba Kamal is a dedicated and experienced professional; she has treated my injuries on many different occasion. She’s proven to be valuable in my healing process and recovery as well. At one point, my husband and daughter were treated by Saba as well and they were fully satisfied when they were done. All in all, I fully recommend Hands on Care for a treatment and recovery facility.

Ryda N.

This is by far the best physical therapy you can get! My doctor recommended them after I broke my finger. I’m working with the owner, Saba and even though hand therapy can be tough, she makes you laugh the whole time.

I have been to other hand therapist in the past for dupuytren’s contracture and this place is on a whole different level. Ask your doctor to give you a referral to Saba. Almost done with therapy but quite frankly, I will miss the team there.

Shawn M.