I broke my left wrist so I had surgery and a plate was installed.

I had no practical use of my hand, it hurt constantly, and I was out of work for a year.

My doctor said I should get used to the fact that my hand would never be the same again. A life with constant pain? A life without playing the violin? It depressed the hell out of me.

But then I had the good fortune of going to Hands On Care.

After a long and demanding period of therapy, I now have the full use of my hand.  Once again I can play music. I can take a shower and button my shirt just as before and with no pain.

My case was a tough one and I strongly believe if I had gone to simply a good therapist instead of a great one, I’d still have no use of my hand, or limited use at best. But Saba happened to be a great therapist. She’s probably the best in Northern California.

She is extraordinarily skilled and professional.

I’m convinced that because I went to her instead of somebody else, I can now use my hand again.

Robert W.

After seeing many therapists over the years for re-occurring tendonitis (that was so bad that I went to school and changed careers), I can’t believe the HUGE difference and effectiveness in Saba’s therapy techniques. She explained the “why’s” and “how’s” of her techniques and also of the old techniques I had been taught which were actually aggravating my condition.  My condition improved so much faster than with the many other therapists, I’m so thankful for her help!  I’d give her more than 5 stars because she’s better than “as good as it gets” rating…she’s the best!!!

Sheila S.