Summary: Fun atmosphere; friendly and helpful staff; superb therapeutic techniques.

I was referred to Hands On Care through my surgeon (Gordon Brody – SOAR Group), after having an arthritic pisiform bone removed from my wrist. My surgery was in June, and I began seeing Saba and Rani 5 or 6 weeks later. After roughly 8 weeks of therapy, I have nearly full flexibility back in my wrist, and full strength.  (more…)

Christian P.

9/13/2015 Updated review

I really like my therapists at Hands on Care at 2505 Samaritan Drive, San Jose, CA They are great and take care of my right hand since surgery it’s been a slow recovery, but because of my therapist things are finally getting a bit easier. The whole office is cheerful & friendly. The empathy they show all their patients is very welcomed. I’m not as afraid as I was. Because I know my hand is in good hands thanks for your patients with my healing. (more…)

Kim G.