Summary: Fun atmosphere; friendly and helpful staff; superb therapeutic techniques.

I was referred to Hands On Care through my surgeon (Gordon Brody – SOAR Group), after having an arthritic pisiform bone removed from my wrist. My surgery was in June, and I began seeing Saba and Rani 5 or 6 weeks later. After roughly 8 weeks of therapy, I have nearly full flexibility back in my wrist, and full strength.  (more…)

Christian P.

If you want to experience great service & professionalism, I highly recommend Hands-On-Care. Saba delivers what she promises. I injured my upper arm/elbow which caused a lot of discomfort & pain but after getting treatment at HoC via Myofascial, Ultrasound, Laser, Sports Taping, Electrical Stimulation and Exercise, I feel a lot better & was able to resume my normal activities in no time.

She is fun yet caring individual & I’m fortunate to have been at HoC. They stand by their name Hands-on work. Quality service & good value for money!

Ashish B.