If I was writing by how I’m feeling at the moment I would’ve given them a one star, but as annoyed as I am I need to be fair and give them what they deserve. The doctor therapists and aids are so sweet, friendly, patient, professional, and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed every appointment, it’s like going to a friends house and just chitchatting well taking care of a medical issue that needs to be tended to. The reason for my frustration is that I planned my appointments around the factthat I am starting a new job and I would like to have this taken care of before I start. I made it very clear to my therapist several days ago when she checked to see if there is an appointment available this morning because I was seeing my other Doctor Who needed the results by 2 PM my appointment time, and she reassured me that that wasn’t a problem and it would be there. I got to my second doctors appointment and no progress reports were sent so I called the office, I was told to just tell my doctor that it’s the same and I need surgery, I felt a little confused because that was the whole point of going to therapy so that he could get an opinion after my therapy to see if he needs to proceed with surgery. Unfortunately that did not happen so now I’m waiting in the wins and will be starting my job on Monday most likely before I could get any kind of resolution and it’s very frustrating considering I started this whole process last October to make sure that if I did need surgery it would all be taken care of before I started looking for jobs and now here we are. Oh well maybe if I wasn’t so organized it would’ve worked out differently, I really feel like communication is the best way to go if you want something accomplished properly and in a timely manner, but this time I guess it just didn’t work. Regardless yes I would choose to go to this location again and yes everything else there was perfect!!!

Mariya M

Who would have thought I’d be happy to pay money in order to experience pain? I must be a masochist. All joking aside, I can highly recomend Hands On Care for your shoulder, elbow and hand therapy. Saba Kamal is an exceptionally talented therapist. After my nasty moutain bike accident, she had me back in the saddle again within a few short weeks. This was all the more remarkable considering I had virtually zero motion in my elbow and wrist three weeks ago. She’ll bend parts of your body into positions that will make a grown man cry… but thankfully she does know when to stop. Her little evil grins while telling you to “relax” always had me cracking up in laughter. When it comes to physio, she was the best of both worlds… approachable but firm.

The previous reviewer baked Saba a cake. Unfortunately, I have no baking skills, so she will just have to make do with my four star rating and this last little comment …

(I lied about the bike… I had the resistance set to level 8 – not level 4)

Michael H.