Our Certified Hand Therapists offer treatment to patients who have developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy and DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis while caring for their infant.
In addition to providing splints, Iontophoresis treatment, myofascial release and exercises, we also provide the patients with an entire list of proper baby carrying positions, lifting and feeding positions.
We also provide patients with health tips that can enable them to maintain a healthy, productive lifestyle and care for their New Born.


Proper Baby handling positions

         Avoid                            Do 
·        Holding:
Keep wrist straight (neutral) position
o    Avoid bending the wrist i.e.. Flexing or Ulnar Deviation 
Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna7.jpg Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna8.jpg
o   Use  pillows under the baby when sitting, especially when breast feeding Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna9.jpg
·        Lifting:
o       Avoid twisting your hands from side to side (ulnar deviation to radial deviation) when lifting the baby.
Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna10.jpg Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna11.jpg
o     Try to keep your wrist in straight  t position. Make sure you bend your knees when bending down to lift the baby
o   Try lifting the baby by wrapping one arm around the baby’s body and one underneath his or her bottom. Practice with a baby doll until you are comfortable. Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna12.jpg
Carrying the Baby:
o       Use front packs or back packs when possible. Watch the position or your wrists – keeping them straight (neutral position). Use both arms when possible to support the baby rather than rely on one. 
Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna14.jpg Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna13.jpg
·        Strollers:
o       Check the position of your wrist or your stroller handles. You may need to adapt your grip to keep the wrist in neutral position. Buy Stroller with an extended handle
·        Strollers:
 Description: http://lakkadshaw.bitbucket.org/img/z24.jpg
·        Bathing the baby:
o       When the baby is able to sit independently, you can consider the use of a bath tub ring to help support the baby during bathing. Check with manufacturer for age and safety considerations.
Description: http://lakkadshaw.bitbucket.org/img/z25.jpg
·        Feeding the baby:
o       Use curved bottles to feed the baby so that is assists in keeping the wrist straight.
o       Hold the baby in such a way that the wrist is in straight position when feeding the baby
Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna15.jpg
·        ADL’s:
o       When twisting bottle caps keep wrist in straight position.
·        Splints:
o       Your therapist may give you a hard splint to keep wrist in neutral position. You may also be given a soft splint to maintain proper position of the wrist and thumb with activities
Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna16.jpgDescription: https://hocinc.us/pregna17.jpg
·        Iontophoresis:
o       Helps reduce inflammation and assists in management of CTS and Dequervain’s Symptoms. We can provide patients with a slow release patch that releases the medicine dexamethasone for a period of 24 hours.
Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna18.gif

  Description: https://hocinc.us/pregna21.jpg
Enjoy time with your baby and not spend time on pain.
Follow proper lifting principles