Services: Functional Capacity Evaluations

At Hands-On-Care, we perform Functional capacity Evaluations to assess the patient’s current work abilities. FCE results can identify the need for appropriate interventions such as work conditioning, pain management or exercise program. Our therapists identify the level of client’s consistency in their FCE participation. Once identified the roadblock can be removed, resulting in faster case closure and return to work

Services: Work Conditioning

When injured workers meet established short and long term goals but are unable to return to work due to ongoing functional deficits or de-conditioning, they may benefit from a higher level of therapeutic intervention designed specifically with a primary goal of returning to work. Hands-On-Care offers a customized return to work programs beyond the Level I acute/sub-acute physical and occupational therapeutic programs.

Worksite Evaluation

We have contractors who can go to your workplace and do the assessment or even to your house to assess the workstation.

In clinic we offer the assessment via pictures.

How to live Injury Free

How to live injury free

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