At Hands-On-Care we offer therapy for patients who have just undergone radical mastectomy.

Therapy includes
  • Regaining ROM in the affected upper extremity
  • Individualized Exercise program to regain ROM of the affected shoulder
  • Managing/ preventing edema (lymphoedema)
  • Massage
  • Edema garments (pressure garments)
  • String wrapping techniques etc
  • Scar Management
  • Ultrasound
  • Scar pad if needed
  • Preventing future shoulder problems but correcting posture and improving strength

Majority patients who do not have lymphoedema may need maximum of 6 visits to regain their range back, manage their scar, and establish a home program for strengthening so that they do not have problems in the future.

Pulley helps in gaining the range in the initial stages

Laying on 3″ then progressing to a 6″ foam roll to perform very slow snow angel stretches to let the scar stretch out while slowly gaining ROM

elbow by side 0°

Shoulder at 90°, elbow 90°

Pts develop limitation in IR if not stretched in the early stages

Progression of shoulder flexion and abduction

Abduction progression (standing)

Strengthening is crucial to maintain the scapula against the rib cage. If weakened, the scar will cause protraction of shoulder and rounded shoulder, creating shoulder problems in the future. Shoulder extension External rotation

Cuff Strengthening

Lateral raises, palm down (T)

Lateral raises, palm fwd (V)

Front raises (U)

Progressing to bands Ball exercise Shoulder mobility for Serratus strengthening; wall pushing