I have been going to Hands on Care for about 7 months now, for pre and post shoulder surgery therapy.  If you want to get better, this is the place to go.  I got three different shoulder surgeon’s opinions, and when I asked about therapy all three highly recommended Hands on Care.

I find it a great environment.  Of all my appointments I don’t recall ever getting a late start beyond 10 minutes and that was usually because someone occasionally showed up late for their appt.

All the staff is super friendly, and they have been consistent in my time there.  I have always received the attention i need and Saba and staff always made time to answer any questions i have, and in the beginning there were a lot of questions.

Recovery from surgery is not fun, therapy can be tough and it probably takes for more than anyone of us want to believe.  This place offers a nice balance of pushing you when needed, but also giving you the encouragement you need on the tough days when you feel like progress is slowed.

One of the things that I have enjoyed is the fact that I can collaborate a bit with others with similar injuries while I am there.  We are able to encourage each other a bit and share experiences in the recovery process.  I guess some reviewers looked at that as a lack of privacy.  They are working on hands, elbows and shoulders, it does not bother me if someone overhears a description of my rotator cuff.

In summary, my experience has been about as positive as post surgical therapy can be.  I have observed Saba and her team and they are very passionate about what they do and I can tell they really care about helping those that come to them.

Craig H.