I know Saba reads these reviews and takes them to heart. I am certain nothing I say is a surprise. I had elbow surgery in late February and started PT shortly after. Saba is not the easiest or friendliest gal. PT is hard and she reflects the attitude required to do it correctly. She pushes hard because that’s her JOB! Surgery is easy. Finding the will to bend when you know how bad it is going to hurt takes nerve to endure and a strong personality to hear the moans and groans of those enduring it. I had 25 appointments and never missed one. So it’s incumbent on the patient to want to do the work. In this instance, No pain No gain. Saba knows her craft, her staff is very cool and very helpful. I am not certain what kind of experience people are looking for when it comes to PT. Hands on Care will provide great therapy if you are not afraid to work at it. Saba is only hard on the surface and that’s just a facade. She is cool. Just  Don’t wimp out and it’s all good.

Jon T.