Saba is AMAZING! and this is why I can say that:

I suffered a traumatic injury on my right hand that severed 10 tendons, 2 nerves and the ulnar artery. This happened last summer and within 48 hours, after a 13 hour surgery, the surgeon had requested that I immediately go see Saba at Hands On Care, which I did.

Upon entering the clinic, I met Saba whom was very driven to start treating my wound which was all bandaged up from surgery. She very carefully removed all bandages, reapplied new wound care treatment to the stitches and prepared a custom brace for my hand to keep it immobile.

For the next few months I went to therapy 5 times a week then 4 and now 3 and can honestly say that I can move my wrist with full motion, my grip is strong and I can fully extend all fingers.

All this progress is not because I sat back and enjoyed the show but rather it’s a full commitment from both myself and my therapist (Saba). She is very demanding and knowledgeable and it’s what I need in a therapist.

If you’re looking for a cute and trendy place with a quiet and airy atmosphere- leave, this is not your place. But if you want to treat your injury and get better then this is your place.

Joe T