Hands On Care comes highly recommended in my book.

My first encounter with Saba Kamal at HOC was back in May 2009.  I had broken my 5th metacarpal, and after the cast came off, my doctor recommended Hands On Care for therapy to get my hand functioning again.  Saba and her staff were pleasent to work with which made for a speedy recovery.

In August 2017 I had a very traumatic horse accident, fracturing and dislocating both my left wrist and shoulder.  This resulted in surgery with plates and pins to hold things in place during the healing process.  I contacted Saba at HOC to begin therapy.  When I walked in to the office, the staff were very nice and attentive.  Saba remembered me from 2009.   I’m eight months into a very long and slow recovery, and have gone from having very little function and limited motion in my left shoulder and wrist, to having full function of my wrist and 75% function in my shoulder.  Still working with my doctor on my shoulder injury with on going therapy at HOC.  As my doctor has indicated, my injury will take time to heal (Year +) and to be patient.  Knowing this I’m greatful to have Saba and her team at HOC be the ones to help me though my recovery.  They are fun to be around, and are always trying to make thier patients experience a pleasant one.  Look forward in continued therapy and fun times at HOC.  BIG THANKS to all you’ve done for me and my recovery.

Diane F