Hands On Care is the real deal!  If you’re willing to listen and work hard,  they will make unbelievable changes in your ailment.

My story…. I crashed my Mountain Bike riding in Lake Tahoe in July 2017. I broke the ulna and radius in both arms,  broke one thumb,  damaged my brachial plexus,  broke my T9 vertebrae and had a head injury.   I spent nearly 3 weeks at a Reno Hospital for surgery,  recovery and in-patient rehab.  A Lake Tahoe therapist and a Reno therapist both recommended Hands On Care for continued therapy when I got home to San Jose in August.

The owner and head therapist Saba 1) pointed out a dangerous infection in my right arm during my first visit 2) connected me with a surgeon @ Stanford to immediately remove the infection and install titanium plates  3) Got me from a state of upper body immobility (someone had to feed me and wipe my Butt) to 85% mobility playing guitar with two bands/working/driving and carrying my 2 year old and 4 year old kids again.   I’m squeezing out the last 15% now through weekly visits to HandsOnCare and stretches/exercises at my gym.

I would highly recommend Hands on Care,  they made a major change in my life and got me out of what was quite literally a mid-life crisis.

See attached me in the ICU.  See the video below, my first show after 5 months.  I’m the guy in Black in the middle.

Jay P