If you are both greatly in need of post operative physical therapy for a broken wrist and lucky enough to have a caring surgeon who recommends the services of Saba Kamal and her team at Hands-On-Care, heed your physician’s advice and schedule an appointment!

On day one, after conducting an initial patient evaluation and designing a care plan, owner and chief therapist, Saba, whose depth of knowledge is incredible, her therapists, Stella and Stacy, and the kindly and supportive HOC staff will begin their amazing work. Be ready, for you, too, will begin yours.

Dedicated to patient progress, HOC therapists literally provide hands-on-care, share their expertise, and teach patients a series of exercises designed to meet their individual needs. The exercises are done under supervision; however, they must also be done at home. Slacking off at home is counterproductive and the therapists will sense it in under a minute. Be advised, this is not a spectator sport; it is a team effort and you will be on the team.

Working with consistent, dedicated, and sustained effort, the therapists see each patient through the recovery process. Saba’s uncanny, eagle-eyed ability to oversee the entire clinic at once keeps people on track, on their toes, and laughing out loud. Everyone at the clinic wonders how the heck she does that.

At times, the therapists will suggest the tiniest modification in a position or motion and that will lead to making significant strides and finding relief from pain and stiffness. The HOC team members are there to help. Be assured, they will also teach you how to help yourself.

Saba is not only, skilled, but gifted; she will expect a lot from you. Observe, listen, and learn from her and from her team. Actively participate in your care and work through the pain. This will not be easy; however, being on a quest for recovery, you will come to realize that quitting is not an option. You will also come to realize that, even on the toughest of days, you are able to laugh.

In the end, you will feel so much better, be able to do so much more, and be so very grateful you sought the help of the skilled, knowledgeable, and good people at Hands-On-Care. Oh, and be prepared for, although you will be happy to one day finish your physical therapy, in my case after 59 sessions, on the last day, saying thank you will be very easy, but saying farewell will be very hard

Terry A