I’ve been to several hand therapists over the years and Saba’s the best.  I’ve had to go many times due to my severe arthritis, which causes painful flares.  I’ve seen her for flares in both hands involving my thumbs and fingers as well as my elbows and shoulders.

The last flare I had was in my elbow and I stupidly went to a therapist close to my house because I could hardly drive, instead of going to Saba.  They actually made me worse!  When I saw Saba my elbow was so bad my arm was completely immobile and I was in great pain.  She was amazing; in just one visit she greatly restored my range of motion and reduced my pain!

It’s always fun to go in there too.  Everyone is laughing and it’s a really fun atmosphere.  I always miss Saba and the staff when I’ve stopped going.

Sue D