I broke my wrist and it was so bad that the hospital technician’s eyes bugged out and she gasped when she saw the x-rays.

So I had surgery and a plate was installed which my doctor said was all he could do, but I still couldn’t use my hand.

I couldn’t play my violins–I own five of them. And I couldn’t play my guitars–and I own three of them. And I couldn’t even take a shower very well. I had no practical use of my hand, and it hurt, and I was out of work for a year.

It depressed the heck out of me.

But Saba was my therapist, and because she was my therapist, what I thought was impossible actually happened. I got back the use of my hand.

My case was a tough one and I believe if I had gone to a good therapist instead of a great one, I’d still have no use of my hand, or limited use at best.

Saba is probably the best hand therapist in Northern California. Her training, her knowledge, her persistence, her professionalism are absolutely exceptional. It’s no wonder that her reputation is stellar and that she’s internationally recognized.

If you want the best, you go to Saba.

If you need the best, as I did, Saba is the only one you should go to.

You have to ask yourself, how badly do you want back the full use of your hand. If it means a lot to you, go to Saba. If she’s booked up, get on her waiting list and see somebody else while you wait.

I have the use of my hand now. I thought that was going to be impossible but I had the extraordinary good luck of being treated at Hands On Care.

Robert W.