Summary: Fun atmosphere; friendly and helpful staff; superb therapeutic techniques.

I was referred to Hands On Care through my surgeon (Gordon Brody – SOAR Group), after having an arthritic pisiform bone removed from my wrist. My surgery was in June, and I began seeing Saba and Rani 5 or 6 weeks later. After roughly 8 weeks of therapy, I have nearly full flexibility back in my wrist, and full strength. 

I owe my excellent recovery to Saba’s expert knowledge, and to the fantastic staff working with her. They’re all very friendly and knowledgable. Saba seems to value a smart and hard work ethic, and communicates clearly to her patients that she expects the same of them. She will NOT let you slack off – and that’s a huge bonus if you plan on a healthy recovery.

If you’re in need of this type of therapy, and you’re not yet sure where to go, I’d recommend calling Saba. Ask her what she can do for you. I’ll bet you get an earful!  Then call 1 or 2 other therapists and compare. I’ll bet you make the same choice I did in the end.

Christian P.