I can’t say enough about Saba and her staff.  Saba is, professional, straight forward, but has a since of humor. She knows her field well. Saba looks at you and can tell when you can handle the exercises and when you are NOT doing well, making sure, in my case I did not pass out. You can tell that Saba has a passion for her work and wants you well. If the therapy isn’t working she spends time finding out what will give you better results. If you are committed to getting better for hand, shoulder, or elbows I don’t think you could go wrong.

Saba seems to be able to hold a conversation and find a bond with everyone that comes into her office.

The staff is awesome, they are friendly, courteous, prompt, and easy to talk to.

I have been to 8 sessions and will miss Saba and want to thank the staff. I had hand surgery and they gave me a better grip on life.

Robert S.