My experience with Hands on Care was an extremely satisfying experience.  I had a tendon that was pretty messed-up; frayed in some areas, almost torn in another. Saba and her staff, especially Roni and Rowena, are wonderful to work with.  I was scheduled with both Saba and Roni and they were not only knowledgeable, but great motivators.  They were honest in their assessment of what I needed to do to get through my PT sessions. They also provided information on what I can do on my own time (at home) using basic home items to help myself out.  They were always willing to provide documentation on exercises, and discuss everyday tools that would prevent future injuries.  What impressed me most was their passion for what they do and how they stay on top of each patient to ensure they are doing their exercises technically correct so each person gets the most out of their session.  They may seem like they are working you hard, but that is only because they truly care about the result, sometimes more than the patient. I enjoyed my time with Saba and her staff, well, as much as anyone can in this type of circumstance.  I have already recommended them to my friends and will continue to do so to anyone who has a hand or wrist injury.

Marilyn B.