I came to Hands on Care after two surgeries for two broken wrists.  One was not as bad as the other. My bad wrist had left me with no mobility in my fingers and thumb and very little mobility in my hand.  After thoroughly assessing my situation, Saba assured me that she would be able to help me through intense therapy.  Saba was recommended to me by my doctor/surgeon at Stanford and by a friend who is a hand therapist.  She is well respected amongst the medical community.  For several months Saba worked with me and listened to me whine about the pain.  She was able to see through my whining to do what was best for my full recovery.  As I regained more mobility and the pain was still present, Saba recommended that I might need another surgery to clear up the scar tissue that had formed around my tendon.  My surgeon concurred.  I am so happy that I had her on my side because otherwise, I would still be living with the pain.

I am fully recovered and I know it is because I had a competent therapist.  Crazy as it seems, after five months of three times a week, I miss the bond I had with the professionals at Hands on Care.  They are a great team.

Dina C.