Saba is fantastic. I shattered my pinky finger last year and had surgery to put in a plate and screws. My surgeon at Stanford recommended Saba, and I’m happy he did. I felt silly going to physical therapy for a pinky (I mean, “it’s just a pinky”, right?) but little did I know how important that little sucker is. HOC has two locations – Blossom Hill and Camden. I greatly preferred going to the Camden location – much smaller, and much less hectic. Blossom Hill has a LOT of patients at all times, and can feel a bit chaotic. But you are expected to know the drill as a patient and go through your exercises while you wait to have manual therapy. I appreciate the no-nonsense attitude of Saba and her other therapists. I’m not at PT to be coddled, but to get out of there as fast as possible and back to regular life again.

If you have hand, arm, shoulder issues, I highly recommend Saba and her team.

Amelia B.