To all patients:

Amid Covid-19 concerns Hands-On-Care is implementing a few rules and requirements and would like your cooperation in this matter to maintain your appointment and to not spread the virus to the therapists and staff who are there to serve you and the patients. So, please read them before your appointment.

  1. If anyone staff or patient has traveled or been exposed to a group of people, we have to wait 14 days before you can be seen in the clinic or they can work in the clinic.
  2. We are increasing cleaning and sanitizing to help prevent the spread of all germs. We already cleaned our tables, but we are taking more steps to keep all equipment’s clean.
  3. We are requiring our therapists who have 1:1 contact with you to wear masks and gloves besides universal precautions.
  4. We will be checking the temperature of all the patients and accompanying members entering the facility and each person entering the facility will have to answer a health questionnaire for Covid-19 on every visit until the problem is averted.

We are requiring all patients to take precautions of washing their hands when attending therapy and before touching any equipment.

  • We have theraputty here to use for your convenience, and before use you are required to wash your hands or use sanitizer, however, we request that you purchase your own putty and bring it to clinic to work on it or we can instruct you and you can use it at home.
  • Similarly, we instruct you to use your own sharpie/ marker for the peg exercises. As stated above, we have pegs for your convenience and patients are required to wash their hand or use sanitizer before using any equipment at the clinic. 
  • We may be limiting your time with the exercises in therapy. We will  show you the exercise and ask for a return demo a few times to ensure accuracy of exercises to be performed at home.
We request that you call and cancel if possible 24 hrs in advance if you are sick or have been exposed to anyone traveling or have symptoms of Covid-19  If you are fearful and do not plan to attend therapy due to Corona Virus fears, you are required to call us 24 hrs. in advance of your appointment.

CHILDREN or FAMILY MEMBERS are NOT ALLOWED during this period of social distancing as there is an increase in risk for transfer of the virus. So family members are required to wait in the car and not in the clinic.

NEW CDC GUIDELINES: Everyone needs to wear a mask especially if social distancing cannot be maintained. PLEASE WEAR A MASK BEFORE ENTERING THE CLINIC

Let’s contain this together and prevent the spread by doing our part and help us stay in business.  
HOC Management