Stella Wang

Stella has been a registered occupational therapist in California since March 2014 and a Certified Hand Therapist since 2017. Stella received her Master’s degree in occupational therapy at the University of Toronto in 2013, and completed her thesis on orthotic management of upper extremity spasticity. In her training, she completed her hand therapy rotation at St. Joseph’s hospital in Toronto, Canada, and brought her skill set to an international clinical placement at Cameroon, Africa where she worked with adults and children at a rehabilitation center. Stella continues to educate herself on a variety of treatment techniques for upper extremity injuries, and actively looks for innovative and culturally-relevant treatment approaches for her patients.

Stella joined the Hands-On-Care team as a staff Occupational Therapists in January 2015.

She found her passion in Hand Therapy while completing her hand therapy rotation at St. Joseph’s hospital in Toronto, Canada. She completed her Occupational Therapy training at the University of Toronto, and has been practicing in California since 2014.

In her leisure time, she enjoys hiking, biking, and the great California outdoors.

Community Service:

Stella Talking on Repetitive stress injury talk







Stella Wang presented at the hand therapy monthly meeting on her 3D splint and how to prevent / manage osteoarthritis in the thumb